Frank Marzullo Jr Biography

In memory of Frank Marzullo Sr.

Frank Marzullo Sr. goes home to be with the Lord January 3, 2003.

The Ministry continues with Frank Marzullo Jr.


Frank Marzullo, Jr. was a Police officer for the City of Miami Beach, Florida when the Lord called him while on patrol in 1977. After realizing that he could not serve two masters, Frank, Jr. resigned from the force and followed after Jesus.
He became an Elder in a non-denominational Christian Church, Light House Christian Ministries. Teaching and preaching until the season ended, and he moved to Cooper City, Florida. There he served the Lord in the capacity of one of the group leaders of Cornerstone Christian Church of Davie, Florida.

In 1996, the Lord called him out to be an evangelist. Frank, Jr. operates in the gifts of Prophecy, Discerning of Spirits, Healing, Word of Knowledge, and has traveled to Columbia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, as well as parts of the United States teaching and preaching Jesus, healing and deliverance (the casting out of demons).

From 1996 to 2001, Frank Jr. has traveled and ministered with his late father, Frank Marzullo, Sr. in crusades and seminars sharing in the work of the Lord.

Frank was ordained as a minister of the Gospel in March 2003 at Cornerstone Church, Davie Florida, and established Christian Covenant Fellowship, Inc, a not for profit Corp. with a traveling evangelistic ministry and an internet radio station www.radio4jesus.com

Frank and Jill Marzullo

In Memory of Jill Marzullo – Jan 11th, 1950 – May 27th 2023

In June 2006 Frank and his wife Jill moved to Deland, Florida to be more centrally located for the traveling ministry within the State. In Sept 2006 Frank and Jill started an evangelist ministry based in Deland, Florida where they ministered to an internet audience from their home or when asked, an internet ministry from other locations. Jill passed away on May 27th. 2023. After a four month period of morning, Frank reestablished the ministry. In Memory of Jill Marzullo Frank continues to spread the Gospel of Jesus.

Frank Marzullo, Jr. is available to teach meetings, seminars, and conferences, to Churches or home groups. For more information see the contact page.

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